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The wonderful

Llogara National Park

Thousands of hectares of preserved alpine forest, rich with plant and animal life. Since 1966, this park offers exquisite views, where the greenery blends with the blue waters.


A boat trip to

Karaburun Peninsula & Sazan Islands

You can take an amazing boat trip to the largest peninsula of Albania, with an area of 62 square kilometers. Part of it being a natural reserve, you’ll enjoy amazing views and crystal water.


A walk to the

Zvërnec Monastery

Connected by a wooden footbridge, the monastery located 270m away from the coast, is an unique opportunity to have a lovely afternoon, coupled with a barbeque in Dalan beach.


A drive to the

Apolonia Museum

On the right bank of the Vjosa river, this ancient establishment was founded in 558 BC by Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth, on a site initially occupied by Illyrian tribes.


Hiking to

Grama Bay

Not only a wonderful virgin beach Grama Bay is home to precious archeological, historical and cultural values, as it served as an important harbor and shelter for sailors during Classical antiquity.